Our military complex restructured from human destruction to human empowerment.

Ownership of resources and information are universally available to empower everyone.

Corporations serve all stakeholders without ulterior motive except to fulfill a mission that serves humanity.

Education institutions restructured to be open to everyone, without barriers to entry.

Resources restructured to empower everyone to share their best value.

Punitive systems restructured as rehabilitative systems.

Resources are shared, allocated, and reallocated based on need.

Legal systems restructured to provide genuine reconciliation for all.

Politics restructured to take a cooperative, mutual tone. Education restructured to eliminate scores and ranks and foster true learning.

Each person’s experience is valued, cherished, respected. We each love our neighbor, especially our enemies, as ourselves. This love includes those of all races, genders, sexuality, ages, and classes. It also includes human dignity and respect for various communication styles, political views, personality types, mental states, traumas, life experiences, geographical locations, and countries of origin.

We each tune into the Source within, with our heart, mind, and soul, whatever word or label we use to call this.